Private Cabins & Caravans in the high-desert of California

​​​ Joshua  Tree  Vacations                                      

We are a local desert couple who manage our own vacation properties. Each is unique and has been created from our love of the desert and we are very happy to share them with you!  All of the vacation rentals are less than 8 minutes to the village of Joshua Tree, 15 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park, 50 miles to Palm Springs, and 130 miles to LA....and all have incredible desert mountain views! 

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Mohave Green Cabin $125 a night

​Airstream Love-in Joshua Tree $99 ​a night

Camping cubbyhole  $69 a night

Joshua Tree is where the Mohave meets the Colorado desert, homestead cabins pepper the landscape, musicians come to record, yogis study, the sick heal, hermits find solace, health gurus teach, climbers celebrate, artists stay, and visitors fall in love. We love the desert and look forward to you having an incredible experience here in the hi-dez of Joshua Tree! 

Tortoise Crossing  $170 a night

Shasta    $65 a night

Joshua Tree 1954 homestead  $125 a night